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Glaucoma Implants

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Glaucoma Drainage Implants

Glaucoma Drainage Implants are made of hydrophilic acrylic material, which has been proven in ophthalmic surgery for more than 30 years to be biocompatible. The UV-Glaucoma Drainage Implant is used to enhance standard glaucoma trabeculectomy surgery effect, and it is positioned under sclerotic flap by suture to help keep the surgical ¨Ccreated drainage opening from healing and closing.

Glaucoma Drainage Implants provide greater resistance to scar tissue formation. The implant has plate shape with specially designed fluid passway holes and groove which allow it act as ¡°filtering site¡± and ¡°reservoir bleb¡± to decrease intra ocular pressure to normal level.

We supply two types Glaucoma Drainage Implants: penetration trabeculectomy use implant (FPT) and non-penetration trabeculectomy implant (FNPT).

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